What is the Dwell 2k Challenge and how does it work?

(Previous winner's completed project)


Three realtors, Michelle Karshner, Shawn Benson, and Julie Preston from Dwell Real Estate join forces taking a home for sale (listing) and investing $2,000 or less of their money to completely furnish the home before it hits the market. 

Who Benefits?
1. the seller of the home, 2. the new purchaser of the home 3. and the public who gets to follow along and be inspired by how much we as homeowners can do for so little.  It’s informative, it’s creative, and it’s fun!  Similar to what you might see on HGTV, but actually accomplished right here in Chillicothe using our own local resources.
How does the home seller benefit?
The home chosen for this year's challenge will get increased exposure via social media and local buzz.  The home will show perfectly staged and statistics show that staged homes generally sell for higher than vacant homes.  Additionally, there is potential for increased interest over other homes as this home can be purchased including all the furnishings. There is no increased cost to the home seller.  
How does the home buyer benefit?
The buyer of this year's 2k Challenge Home will have the option of purchasing all the furnishings for just $1.00.  Great incentive for first time home buyers looking to set up their first home, or anyone who enjoys a visually appealing home.  

Want to learn more, give any of the three agents a call.  

Julie Preston           Michelle Karshner          Shawn Benson
740.701.0039           740.649.8763                 740.703.4840